Young Scientist Committee

The Young Scientist Committee, was created with the primary goal of supporting Young Biomaterial Scientists within the SFB community. This committee will provide a melting pot for career development ideas, where senior members guide grads, postdocs, and junior faculty on the path towards impactful research and outreach.

Publications Committee


The Publications Committee shall consider and recommend to the Council policies and procedures under which technical papers, reports, discussions, and other literature resulting from the activities of the corporation and its members shall be edited, produced, and distributed, with the objective of publishing information which in quality and quantity will be of maximum service to members in the field of biomaterials.

Program Committee


The Program Committee shall promote, review and select scientific and technical papers for presentation at meetings of the Society.


The Chairperson of the Program Committee shall be appointed by the President. The number of members of the Program Committee shall be at least three.

Goals of the 2013-2014 Program Committee:

The goal of the 2013 - 2014 Committee is to develop the scientific program for the 2013 Annual Meeting.

Presidents Advisory Committee

Duties: The President's Advisory Committee shall consider, advise, and make recommendation to the Council concerning the development and establishment of a code of ethics for the Society and any breaches thereof. It shall consider and advise the Council on any matter requested by the President or Council and may consider and make recommendations to the Council on any matter it considers appropriate.

Membership Committee


The Membership Committee shall promote membership in the corporation and make recommendations to the Council on policy matters pertaining to membership, maintenance and termination.


The Membership Committee shall consist of five members. The Chairperson, who is the fifth member of the committee, will be appointed annually by the President and should be a member of the committee from the prior year.

Meetings Committee


The Meetings Committee shall consider, advise and recommend pertinent vendors and volunteers on matters pertaining to Society meeting(s), exhibition(s) and all related activities. In cooperation with the Program Committee, this committee shall provide direction for the education and dissemination of biomaterials knowledge.


The Chairperson of the Meetings Committee shall be the President. The Meetings Committee shall be composed of as many members as are determined to be necessary by the Chairperson.

Long-Range Planning Committee


This committee shall advise and consider recommendations to the Council regarding the long-range direction and future of the Society.

Liaison Committee


The Liaison Committee shall consider, advise, and make recommendations to the Council with respect to all aspects of the relationships between the corporation and other technical and professional societies. Additionally, one member of the Liaison Committee, appointed by the President, will serve as liaison between the Society and other standards making organizations on matters affecting the development and establishment of standards relating to or associated with biomaterials.

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